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Post Doctoral Lease

New Caltech Postdoc Housing - Lease Property Waiting List Information and Application

Please read the "Lease Property and Waiting List Information".  After you have fully read this section, you may file your application online by filling out the form below.

California Institute of Technology


Rules and Regulations

MC 160-86 / (626) 395-6176

Thank you for your interest in Caltech postdoc housing. We will do our best to try to accommodate your request. We currently offer Rental Agreements with a 1 month minimum for up to a 24 month term. Our current residents are only required to give us 15 days notice before vacating, so it is impossible for us to speculate about future vacancies. Due to limited spaces, we cannot guarantee placement. You should be aware of the following Rules and Regulations that apply to our residents:

You must be an incoming or new Caltech Postdoc with proof of appointment from the Institute to file an application. Individuals who have held a Caltech Postdoc appointment for longer than 12 months or who have had previous Caltech Postdoc appointments are not eligible to apply. If you do receive a lease, once your postdoc appointment terminates,  you'll have 30 days in which to vacate Caltech Housing.  Faculty, staff, instructors, and JPL postdocs are NOT eligible for this housing.

The Housing Office offers 40 units in the Blanche building consisting of unfurnished 2-bedroom/2-bathroom apartments. We also offer 15 units in the Cordova building consisting of:  unfurnished 1-bedroom/1-bathroom and 2-bedroom/1-bathroom apartments.

There is a 12-month lease with the option to extend for one year. The goal of this type of housing is to provide transitional accommodations to newly arriving Postdocs as they get familiar with the area and work to find more permanent housing.

A maximum of four (4) people are allowed in the unfurnished 2-bedroom apartments. A maximum of three (3) people are allowed in the unfurnished 1-bedroom apartments.

Per the new Caltech Pet Policy, no pets will be allowed. Please be aware that this new Caltech Pet Policy does not include emotional support animals or service animals.  These animals must be approved through Human Resources prior to move in with the animal.

For more information on the on the Updated Pet Policy click here.

Payments are made through the Caltech Bursar's Office. A security deposit is not required. If there will be a rent increase it will happen at the commencement of a new lease. 

Priority is based on the date of your application.

Applicants will not have a choice of units, unless more than one is available. In order to house people more quickly, everyone on the wait list will be offered simultaneously and have approximately three business days to respond to the initial offer. If you would like your name to be removed from the waiting list, please notify us immediately.

You will be notified about possible opportunities by email; please respond by the deadline stated in the email. If you contact us to express interest in the unit, but it is awarded to an applicant ahead of you, or if you decline the unit, you will be given another opportunity at our next availability.

Caltech receives all bills for gas, electric, water and trash services. Residents will be billed through their Bursar's Account for their usage of gas and electricity. Residents are responsible for setting up and paying for telephone, cable and internet services through any local provider directly.

One off-street parking space is offered per apartment. Overnight street parking permits for additional vehicles may be obtained through the City of Pasadena, which charge fees for such permits.

Roommates in the unfurnished, 2-bedroom apartments require prior written authorization from the Housing Office.

New Postdocs may only remain on the wait list for up to one year from the date of their application or their appointment start date, whichever comes first.

Any visitor staying longer than three (3) days must check in with the Building Apartment Manager.

Please notify us of any change in your personal information (name, phone, email) so that we may contact you when an apartment becomes available. These policies are subject to change without notice.

Contact Information


Supervisor's Information

Appointment Information


Additional Occupants

          Only fill out this section if you have additional occupants living with you, such as a spouse, child, or domestic partner.

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Additional Information


Application Certification

I have read the Lease Property Waiting List Information above and I understand that it is subject to change without notice. I certify that I am a new or incoming Caltech Postdoc and that the information on this application is accurate. I understand that this information is subject to verification with the Postdoc Office and/or Human Resources and providing false information will jeopardize future housing options with Caltech. I agree to notify the Caltech Housing Office if any of the supplied information changes. I agree to withdraw from the waiting list by notifying the Caltech Housing Office if I am no longer eligible or if I no longer want to be housed in a Caltech-owned lease property.

By checking this box, I agree to all of the terms above